SFL Friday Follies!

Hey, wasn't that a wonderful investiture for new County Court Judge Spencer Multack?

With the kids, and the best friend, and Judge Holmes -- all good stuff.


In non-good stuff news, self-described "good deeds" creator (hey, he actually said that!) Stuart Rosenfeldt will have to put his public works projects on hold:
Stuart Rosenfeldt, Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein's former partner and the second "R" in RRA, has been informed by the federal government that he will be indicted on criminal charges, says his attorney.

Rosenfeldt played a public role in representing the crumbling law firm in the aftermath of the implosion of Rothstein's billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. He is one of many former Rothstein law partners and business associates expected to be arrested by the feds prior to December 12, when Rothstein is scheduled to begin a grueling string of civil depositions that are expected to take 10 days to finish.

Several sources say that Russell Adler, the third named partner in the defunct Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler firm, is among those expected to be charged. Adler's attorney, Fred Haddad, didn't dispel that idea, saying he expects more indictments soon and that the the filing of criminal charges Thursday against two Rothstein associates -- Marybeth Feiss and William Boockvor -- indicated "which way the wind was blowing."

Rosenfeldt's attorney, Bruce Lehr, said federal officials informed him a few months ago that his client was going to be charged criminally. Lehr said he has been given no time frame and has no information on what exactly Rosenfeldt will be charged with.
I don't know -- three guesses, anyone?

Finally, congrats to Big Mike Casey, who along with Richard Tuschman had a judgment vacated by Judge Lenard.

Not bad, kids.

And how was your week?


  1. Stu needs a Xanax.

  2. the south florida legal community needs to take a collective mia culpa on these guys...many, if not most, were willing to give these guys a bj when they were at the top of their game. now that it has been shown they were a scam the legal community needs to admit it was to facile a victim in letting their guard down.


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