Welcome to My New "Pop-Up" Restaurant!

It suddenly occurred to me -- much like my fledgling entry into the food truck craze -- that I should immediately open up a "pop-up" restaurant.

Here are the broad contours of my concept:

1.  Hip hop music will be banned.

2.  I plan to only serve food from Wisconsin.

(So I guess it's a pop-up lutefisk 'n cheese shop?)

3.  It will be located right next to my food truck.

Wish me luck kids, but then again -- how could it go wrong?

In other news, the talented Mr. and Mrs. Markus whooped it up on eighty-seven (or eight, but who's counting?) fed lawyers and scored a big win on behalf of his client before Magistrate Judge Torres.

Other than continually referring to himself in the plural ("our findings," "we" etc. -- it's ok, I do it too) it's a thorough and well-reasoned R&R.

Finally, we offer congrats (see?) to the Most Effective Lawyers in town -- if you did not win, that means you have a chance to be more effective next year -- that's what New Year's resolutions are all about.


  1. lutefish and cheese??

  2. After years of work in restaurants I should never hate myself so much as to open one.

  3. Welcome to OUR TruckDecember 12, 2011 at 3:24 PM

    Food truck that only serves Zacapa 23 neat and La Gloria Series R #6. Served by Kimmie. Cigar cutting provided by Nurik's choppers, and chocolate covered Xanax provided by Stuey.


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