Would You Want to Work Here?

At a kiosk in the middle of a Boynton Beach mall?
Just south of the food court and past the $15 "designer style" jewelry stand is an unusual mall kiosk staffed not with vendors hawking holiday ware but attorneys offering legal advice.

The Law Booth at the Boynton Beach Mall was opened Nov. 1 by three Palm Beach County attorneys who said they saw a need for legal counseling outside normal business hours and the traditional office setting.

Founded by Melva Rozier, Richard Carey and Paul Burkhart, the stand, which sits outside American Eagle Outfitters, is typically open from about 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. with "Walmart"-priced advice on legal matters including foreclosure, bankruptcy, estate planning and family law.

They were even open at 4 a.m. on Nov. 25 for Black Friday shoppers.
Ok, at first blush I thought this was preposterous but now I think it's kinda genius.

It's true you're not at a large law firm on Brickell, getting paid a lot of money to service a client who would have no idea whether or not you got fired the next day.

You're where your clients are -- at the mall, shopping of course -- but you're providing immediate help to real people with real legal problems.

And you're working.

Could be worse, right?


  1. Great idea. I bet he will land some good pi cases.

  2. "You want me to apply for your credit card? Hold on, let me have my attorney look at the contract."

  3. I rate it several levels above:


    on TV;

    on the Radio;

    in a newspaper;

    on the side of a bus;

    on a bus bench;

    on a car (shrink wrap);

    in the New Times next to hookers;

    and finally, one of the worst:

    through self-promotional YouTube videos at Breakfast meetings;

  4. No Way! That's horrible!! I would rather tend bar.

  5. I'll bet Kluger is saying. damn, why didn't I think of that.

  6. Laugh at us all you want...we've landed qui tam actions against 2/3 of the food court corporations, burdines, lord n taylor, and we let Kimmie borrow some money for Proactive.

  7. Above the law picked up your story.

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