3d DCA Watch -- Let's Party Like It's 2007!

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Your Monday Morning Digital Dump.

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Judge Carnes, Karaoke Singer?

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3d DCA Watch -- May the Schwartz Be With You!

Attention All Judges in Broward County Courthouse: Bill Scherer is Now Your Landlord!

Peter Halmos -- Will His Ship Ever Come In?

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Bismarck's Descendant Met With Chilly Reception at Broward Federal Courthouse.

Checking Overdraft -- I Move to Strike Your Motion to Strike My Motion!

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Meaningful Things I Keep Near My Desk!

Denzel Washington Now Offers PIP Coverage!

Stuart Rosenfeldt Does Good Deeds!

Al Cardenas' Wife Said Something About Gays on Facebook!

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3d DCA Watch -- Please Block Bill For This.

Alex Acosta Joins Robert Bork in Providing Legal Support to Mitt Romney!

Evan B. Plotka: "I Sue Jews. I Defend Muslims."


Faithless Love

Bismarck's Drafting Skills Could Use Some Work!