Happy New Year, Plebes!

Nothing But Flowers!

3d DCA Watch -- Special Holiday Edition!

Scott Rothstein: "I am Large, I Contain Multitudes" (I'm Paraphrasing)

Rothstein Trustee "Forgot" Pledge of Confidentiality.

And the Beat Goes On!

Paul Calli and Steve Bronis Score Big!

3d DCA Watch -- Merry Christmas Edition!

Light It Up, South Florida!

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Happy Monday!

Another "Teachable Moment."

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Welcome to My New "Pop-Up" Restaurant!

Scott Rothstein to Face 30 Lawyers in Depo Equivalent of Speed Dating!

Florida Supreme Court to Litigants: I've Got the Power!

3d DCA Watch -- Note to Parties: Try Reading the Law.

Magistrate Judge Torres Bonks Governor Scott on Intrusive Subpoena on ACLU.

CABA Elections Tonight!

Would You Want to Work Here?

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Our Long National Rosh Hashanah Nightmare is Over!

This is a Real Ad.