3d DCA -- The Apodictic is Back!

It's a new year which means inside the bunker coffee is being swilled with renewed vigor and the robes have grown even more resplendent, especially after the entire bunker took their annual holiday field trip to Michael's.

So it's time to ring in the New Year concrete-style with decorative buttons, epaulettes, iron-ons, sj reversals and apodictic PCAs for all:

Daneri v. BCRE Brickell:

Judge Escharte sj reversed due to "disputed facts," the bane of all good summary judgments.

Saewitz v. Saewitz:

Three guess who wrote this opinion:
It is apodictic, however, that a plaintiff’s initial proof of a prima facie case of both conversion and tortious interference in her case-in-chief requires more than proof of liability.
Brodeur v. Miami-Dade County:

Question:  In what court are you when the parties arguing a motion to dismiss rely on an evidentiary transcript -- not part of the complaint -- that they filed for consideration at the hearing?

Answer:  state court!

See you at the club.


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