Abbey Kaplan Must Really Like Kenny Rogers!

That's the takeaway for me anyway from this very flattering profile of his firm's mentoring program:
Rainmaker defined: "It's knowing when to fold and when to hold. It's knowing when to be politically correct. It's knowing when to be charming. It's knowing how to ask the right questions."
 I totally agree that business development (and quality lawyering) is the only path for success at a firm like that -- and I like the idea of a budget for each associate with some metric by which you can measure the success of the marketing efforts over the course of a year.

What do you all think?


  1. Cool idea. I may have missed this, but whatever happened to their anonymous commenter suit?

  2. That's all good and fine, but do the partners actually support the associates? It wasn't that long ago that I was an associate at a mid/large size law firm. The partners I worked for HATED when I brought in my own work. They wanted me working on their work and only their work. And forget about landing work for another lawyer. If I brought in cross-department potential business, the partners in the other department would all but drive my clients away. Why work an associate's origination when they could work their own originations. I also think it was an ego thing.

    I actually had a partner at the firm once spend a whole lunch complaining about associates with their own business and how problematic he saw that to be.


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