Miami BigLaw Firm Turns Lawyer into Great Chef!

See, and you say nothing good can come from grinding it out day after day in the hallways of Brickell:
"I think I would be a lousy lawyer . . . Being in a kitchen and being in different countries and picking up ingredients and finding out what my style is, that's what I'm passionate about. It's a risky move. I had a chance to work for one of the biggest law firms here in Miami. I switched gears and I'm going for what I'm passionate about. It's the best decision ever I would have to say."
Even better, Lorena pursued her passion at our own Johnson & Wales University.

Gotta love feel-good stories on a Friday afternoon!


  1. nose job and arm wax, and we'll talk.


  2. "I had a chance to work for one of the biggest law firms here in Miami" In what capacity? Being a lawyer usually requires bar admission.

  3. 3:26 were you her boss?

  4. I'll have the pan-seared sea bass over the roasted hearts of palm with the browned-butter cashew sauce.

  5. If you can't stand the heat get out of the court room... and in the kitchen.

  6. hate, hate, hate...that's all you people do. She recognized that she would not have made a good lawyer and had the balls to pursue something else instead. Half the lawyers in this town would be better off if they did what this chick did.


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