Now Rothstein Has Ruined Another Thing I Love.

Besides the law, of course:
Rothstein said his law firm maintained a condo across the street from his downtown Fort Lauderdale law firm.

"That's where Russ and Stu and me and Boden, we would send a girl up there, and then we'd go up there and do our business and come back to work," he said.
Jesus -- were they going to the restroom or making love?

If true, it seems impossible to believe no one had any idea what was going on at this firm.

(Especially with the alleged heightened sensibilities of many of the workers, it would seem this type of routine partner activity would be pretty hard to miss.)

Now that I think about it, he also ruined one of my favorite movies!

Sheesh, what's next?


  1. He ruined the "rock star lifestyle" too.

  2. Don't be silly SFL. That was a 70+ lawyer firm. Do you think anyone gave a shit (or even noticed) if a couple of isolated top level partners weren't around for a while in the middle of the day?

  3. They were too stoned to notice!

  4. Great post. The Apartment is a great movie. Billed as a comedy but like Some Like It Hot and The Fortune Cookie (two other Wilder classics), they are really tragedies about romance and cruelty. There are probably 20 different scenes in the Mad Men series that are taken from The Apartment. I am envious. I wish I had thought of the connection between Rothstein's et al's alleged escapades and this fantastic movie. Nice job SFL!

  5. How many of those RRA partners do you think only "billed" 0.1 hours each time they "did business" on the 350 Las Olas file? Then again, it seems that several of them spent years screwing their clients; so why would we think they only spent one-tenth of an hour screwing escorts?

  6. Thanks for your contribution, STL.

    So true. What a great phrase -- "romantic tragedy."

    I would venture many Woody films would fit that description -- Play it Again, Sam; Annie Hall; Manhattan; Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  7. rothstein will eventually cause the Florida Bar to become regulated by the state/

  8. "Shut up and deal."

  9. Is kimmy one of those things?


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