Now We Have Impersonators Too.

Tell us oh Lord Julie Kay, when will this long national nightmare come to an end?

Add Florida Bar impersonators to the list:
Rothstein said in a marathon deposition that he even enlisted a paralegal employed by his partner, Stuart Rosenfeldt, to pose as a Florida Bar staffer in a phone call with worried investor Ari Glass and his lawyer.

"I had given her a script to refer to about what was going on, what questions she should answer," Rothstein testified in the deposition. "I told her specifically that when they ask for something that she couldn't think up an answer for to just say that pursuant to the Bar rules she couldn't answer that type of question, that was her escape vow, so to speak."
 Hey, why should that raise any alarm bells?  Have you seen this guy's private elevator?


  1. How much of this mess can really be verified? He may still be lying and yanking the Feds' collective chains.

  2. Worst Video of the Year.


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