Thanks for the Shout-Out, Judge Scola!

Let's start by heaping praise on Brett Barfield and his team at the FBA who continually put on highly informative and well-run programs and events, including today's must-attend, completely sold-out Judge Scola luncheon.

The ever eloquent Judge took time from his busy calendar to answer pressing and important questions from curious federal court practitioners, such as:

1.  What is your favorite color?
2.  Boxers or briefs?

and my personal favorite:

3.  How do you pronounce Reese's Pieces?

In other words, all your important questions were answered!

Seriously, the Judge is a major dude and a fantastic speaker, and we appreciated the shout out -- it's probably better to be known for repeatedly highlighting a recent flawed Supreme Court opinion than, say, Bo Derek or the pros and cons of Keytars.

Thanks for taking the time, Your Honor.


  1. Blue.

    Boxers in the evening, briefs by day.

    Reese's Pieces.

  2. How come I only get about 20 % of the jokes?

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Brett and his team at the FBA

  4. They aren't jokes Rum. We're just high and addled!

  5. Brett B, thanks for visiting -- you da man!

  6. Savatore Frieri is a convicted criminal for fraud. Holland & Knight. Knew this all the time. *Brett Barfield,* and Alex Gonzalez has lied to the courts.

  7. How do we get the Florida bar to investigate.


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