This Order Reminds Me of Somebody!

You know how your mother or grandmother makes you feel sometimes:

"you don't write, you don't call, that's ok I'll lift the couch all by myself, why should I want to bother a busy person like yourself, don't worry I'll be fine all by my lonesome maybe the doctor will call at least I can speak with a real person once in a while...."

This Order has that sort of flavor:
Initially, the Court finds that defendant has failed to comply with local Rule 7.1(a)(3). That rule states that if there has been no pre-filing conference, the effort made for same shall be stated with specificity''. This was not done. For all this Court knows, the e-mail referred to in the certification was sent to opposing counsel an hour before the motion was filed.   Any future motions filed with this lack of specificity will be denied.

Now that it appears that proper compliance with the aforementioned local rule might have avoided the necessity of the filing of this motion at all, based on the response said motion is hereby GRANTED.
Wait, so you chastise the defendant but grant the motion anyway?

Yep, sounds just like my bubbe!