Did Dave Samson Really Sell the Marlins at Team Awards Banquet?

That's what this lawsuit, filed by Fort Lauderdale attorney Todd Payne, seems to suggest -- am I reading this right?

Here's a little back story by CBSsports.com:
Apparently, back in February of 2008, there was some sort of awards banquet with an auction in Miami. Marlins president David Samson -- who doesn't own the team, mind you -- said the first item up for bid was the Marlins and he'd sell them for $10 million, seemingly as a joke. And a man said he'd bid the $10 million, which was surely seen by everyone in attendance as furthering the joke.

Instead, Omeranz and Landsma Corporation in Florida is now suing the Marlins, believing it bought the Marlins for $10 million and that the Marlins have breached contract. Seriously, here's the court filing PDF, via Sportinlaw.com
Surely no one hates Dave Samson's pedestrian and obvious movie reviews more than me, but is there another side to this story?

(There better be.)

Or maybe the rubes in the crowd just don't get his sophisticated sense of humor?


  1. If he's selling the team, isn't that sale of goods, under Statute of Frauds and since it's over $500 not enforceable as oral contract?

  2. Auctions are subject to statute of frauds?

  3. I don't know but if this thing gets past a motion to dismiss, this dog crap lawsuit is going to be worth six figures. Let's hope mr. Payne is on the committee to re-elect whichever judge got this. One could further hope the judge is one of those anti dade county broward guys who puts his handgun in the glove compartment whenever he drives south of Ives dairy road.

  4. What's curious is that the Plaintiff alleges that it is a Florida corporation, yet SunBiz does not reflect the existence of such an entity.

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