Kevin Gleason and Judge Olson -- Yes, There's More.

We've reported extensively on the saga involving bankruptcy lawyer Kevin C. Gleason and his unique brand of written advocacy before Bankruptcy Judge John K. Olson.

Well of course Gleason appealed the en banc sanctions order, leading to yet another Order on this topic, this time from Judge Marra:
Based on the Court’s review of the record, the Court concludes that the Bankruptcy Court did not abuse its discretion in sanctioning Mr. Gleason pursuant to its inherent power. The April 18, 2011 Response to Order to Show Cause and May 13, 2011 Supplemental Response demonstrate bad faith on the part of Mr. Gleason, violated his duty as a member of the bar and damaged the reputation of the Court, the judicial system, the legal process and the legal profession.
 Unfortunately for Mr. Gleason, it goes downhill from there......


  1. "Red, red, wine don't make judges feel so fine."

  2. Amazing. If only 10% of what Kevin Gleason said was true, then that is the problem, not Gleason — who could have simply been fined.

    The disreputable reputation of our legal system, prevalent among many citizens, is not caused by comments by Gleason. Who in the public actually read Gleason's statements until they became the subject of sanctions? Instead, it is caused by the prevalence of the very abusive acts Gleason complained of.

    Unfortunately, Judge Mara 'shot the messenger'.

  3. 12:48 - you suck. But don't shoot the messenger right?


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