Life in the Fast Lane (Tired, 70s Version).


So it appears that Don Henley is now returning half of the $100k Scott Rothstein donated to Henley's charity in exchange for Henley singing "Life in the Fast Lane" for Kimmie's birthday at an Eagles concert at the BankAtlantic Center.

Does this strike anyone else as highly lame?

Indeed, it launched a mini-tweeterfeud on Friday, sparking much less obvious but perhaps more apt Henley/Eagles song titles, such as "If Dirt Were Dollars," "End of the Innocence," "Dirty Laundry," and of course "Desperado."

All that said, I thought Joe Walsh looked pretty darn good last night at the Grammy's -- if all it takes is laying off the booze for a few days, there is hope for us yet!

In other news, this exists:

Talk about a niche practice!


  1. It involves employment issues concerning School Board employees and disciplinary actions against students

  2. while the term "school law" may be accurate nomenclature, the fact that you have to 'splain it to the average passerby may be bad advertising


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