Loan Me Fifty (Thousand) Dollars!

Anyone else catch this story about our State Attorney Kathy Rundle:
Miami-Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle has found a high-return investment, according to public records. Rundle lent $50,000 to a Key Biscayne homeowner at 12 percent interest.

“Well, I needed money quickly,” international lawyer Robert Feinschreiber said. “I had medical bills piling up. I know it’s a high interest, but I had no choice.”

According to court papers, he signed the two-year loan in 2007.

The deal, which wasn’t registered in archives, came to light as Feinschreiber is now facing foreclosure from a bank.

“Ms. Rundle has an interest in the apartment,” Feinschreiber said. “That’s why her name popped up.”
Another citizen, Elaine F. Rand, loaned Feinschreiber $50,000 at the same rate on the same day, according to documents.

“There’s nothing improper here,” Feinschreiber said. “I don’t even know Ms. Rundle. I was approached by a lawyer friend of mine who said he knew people who could help me and he told me later it was the state attorney.”
Ed Griffith, Rundle’s spokesman, said he couldn’t comment on the state attorney’s personal matters. And the state attorney didn’t reply to an email seeking comment. 

I wonder what her rates are for home equity lines -- I'd like to add another hot tub (you can never have enough of them).

In other news, Paul Calli and "racy texts."

Hey, I just report this stuff.
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  1. SFL: Do you remember where you first found that picture?

  2. SFL--forget the Bunker this week. Go north and check out this decision by Judge May.

    Without checking Westlaw, I'm going to guess Arsenio Hall is not frequently quoted in the appellate opinions of this state.

    P.S. Judge May kicked this same judge up side the head in Holley v. State, 48 So.3d 916, 922 (Fla. 4th DCA 2010) ("The courtroom is neither a stage designed for trial judges to editorialize about their interpretation of the law, nor is it a place to express displeasure with higher court rulings.")

  3. 11:58, thanks for the heads up.

    10:29 -- a gentleman never tells.

  4. 10:29 - Go to Google images and search for "crowded jacuzzi"

    You're welcome.

  5. That pic, best abstinence ad ever.

  6. godwhacker is on a roll

    and i totally agree with him regarding the photo.

    wait...that doesnt make me gay, does it? not that there's anything wrong with that


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