"Mr. Nurik Will Now Speak About Himself in the Third Person"!

There are plenty of juicy tidbits in this Very Intrepid piece on Marc Nurik, but this part caught my eye:
The judge also wondered whether Nurik would submit a bill for a second deposition of Rothstein planned for this summer. Nurik loudly interjected that he would attend the deposition whether he gets paid or not.

"Mr. Nurik will be there regardless," he said. "Mr. Nurik doesn't abandon his clients."
Admirable (seriously), but I wish Marc had kept going:

"Mr. Nurik plans on not speaking soon.  Mr. Nurik will stop speaking as soon as Mr. Nurik's counsel is done speaking.  Mr. Nurik's counsel advises that Mr. Nurik will now return to eating his Fig Newton."


  1. Be careful....he is going to hunt you down and bite you with those cartoonishly over-sized fake crown teeth.

  2. Santa Cachucha, Batman! Fig Newtons? Really? With THOSE fake teeth?!

    It must be a diversionary ploy, like foot tapping.

    Can you imagine all the crap stuck to his fake chompers afterward, while he objects?

  3. 'loudly interjected'

    How else?

  4. i bet dough boy the scumbag throws chompers under the bus to knock another month or two off his 50 year sentence

  5. I miss Kimmie.

  6. Jimmy thinks that's funny. Yada yada yada.


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