Spencer Aronfeld Speaks At #LTNY!

Ok, I admit to being blissfully ignorant of #LTNY 2012.

Best I can tell, it's the type of convention you can get your law firm to send you to after they reject your request to go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

And maybe it's just me, but if I'm in New York I can think of literally ten thousand things I would rather be doing than listening to vendors pitch high-tech doohickeys intended to "optimize" my practice.

(I better stop before this turns into a Tannebaum-esqe rant).

But hey, I don't "get" food trucks or sliders or sliders from food trucks either.

Different strokes etc.

So let's just roll tape:

I actually watched this with the sound off, so I have no idea what's being said -- but I love the pinstripes, like the strategic use of the smart phone, the product placement of the two books is unobtrusive and organic -- I'm giving it an A-.


  1. A sticker book to teach young lawyers that the most important thing they can do to build a practice is to have a great Facebook page. Thats just about perfect.

  2. Out come the haterade. SFL vouches for him and you still slam away like jealous crybabies.

  3. What about Judge Will Thomas not taking the bench for calendar this am?

    Note on the door to the effect of 'No soup for you!' Doesn't he have aspirations to be on the fed bench? Is this how he is going to behave with life tenure?

    Sure stuff comes up...and calendars can be missed for all kinds of legitimate reasons. But, how about a courtesy call from chambers next time.

    Somebody help please - did anybody know there would be no court, or did I miss something?

  4. You got a sign so be happy.

  5. How did they find somebody shorter than Spencer?

  6. LegalTech= Lawyers version of Comic Con only replacing the star trek suits with Tom Ford. I find it ironic that someone who uses social media, etc., to pleasure us with snarky commentary would knock such an event. But then again I would never trust anyone who doesn't like sliders.

    Even more interesting are the comments from the wide variety of haters. Aronfeld has obvioulsy figured out the key to success. After all, you guys are STILL talking about him. How does that saying go? Oh yeah... "Envy is the religion of the mediocre."

  7. @1:26

    your pro-spencer post is too pithy for you to actually be spencer, who is not much of an exacto knife. i have my feet firmly in both camps . . i think he's a total doosh BUT i also admire his carnival barker skills. i'm sure it gets him alot of inventory and i'm sure he's too stoopid to work them up to full value.

  8. doosh= A word looked on up urban dictionary by those who can't spell douche properly.

  9. He gives good blog.

  10. Indeed he does.

    And for the record, I have never had a problem with small burgers, going all the way back to Royal Castle days.

    It's when they morphed into "sliders" and turned into a marketing phenomenon that my skeptic-meter started ringing.

  11. @2:32

    dis is da interwebs so I can spell doosh how evah I wants. Otay wid chew douche?


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