3d DCA Watch -- Dumb Cases Make Dumb Law.

As we prepare ourselves for a post-Ramirez 3d DCA, let's take a look at what the bunker dwellers have been doing with The Big Man still on board:

Leibell v. Miami-Dade County:

Here we have Judge Shepherd and a class action.

Now before you jump to any conclusions, let me just say this sounds to me like a really dumb case so I can understand why the trial and appellate courts ruled the way they did.

Next stop for plaintiff:  OCCUPY VENETIAN ISLANDS!

Crestview II v. TotalBank:

 Have you heard this one -- Harry Payton, Tew Cardenas, and Dexter Lehtinen walk into a bar......

Alvin Gentry v. Morgan:

This is a child support modification case, in which Judge Ramirez observes:
While there may be moral deficiencies in Gentry’s refusal to facilitate his child’s academic achievement, we cannot say these deficiencies require overriding an agreement that is legally valid.
 So true.

That's where the whole Hebrew National "higher authority" thing comes in.


  1. Is that THE Alvin Gentry?

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