3d DCA Watch -- Everybody Knows This is Nowhere.

 So I guess nothing happened today.

(Sorry kids!)


  1. I like the peace symbols on his guitar strap. Cool.

  2. How about that "plane wreck"?


  3. It's interesting, it's only been in this particular news cycle, in connection with ACA oral argument, that pundits are now saying you can rely on the questions and comments from the bench to gauge how the judges are planning to rule.

    That flips the age-old maxim on its head, no?

  4. I think that it shows that pundits like Toobin have been caught flat-footed and are in panic mode. But he's not alone; a lot of smart people were dismissive of the constitutional argument, and are now scrambling to get a grip on what the hail is going on.


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