Can We Put Dave Samson in the New Marlins Fish Tank?

This story about the Marlins not willing to cough up a few bits so displaced Little Havana residents can have a place to park on game day just made my blood boil:
Just last week, Miami city commissioners voted to convert four city-owned lots into parking spaces for Little Havana residents whose on-street parking was eliminated to accommodate traffic around the new Marlins Park.

The only thing missing was about $20,000 to clear the lots, install lighting and throw down some gravel, and another $20,000 or so for annual maintenance and security costs.

Speaking confidently, City Commissioner Frank Carollo stipulated that the funding would not come from city coffers. Both he and Art Noriega, executive director of the Miami Parking Authority, refused to say where they expected to get the money.

On Thursday, a dejected Carollo said he had personally appealed to the Marlins for the money, and was surprised to get a flat-out no from the team’s president, David Samson.

“Obviously I’m disappointed,” said Carollo. “We expected the Marlins were going to help.”
You expected that?  Why?

Like being in an abusive relationship, Miami city commissioners keep thinking the next time will be different -- and are shocked when things unfold exactly the same way, again and again.

Here's an idea -- let's put Dave Samson in the new fish tank behind home plate and see if he can feel the vibrations of drilling a ball repeatedly at the glass with a pitching machine -- I understand slimy scaly bottom-dwellers love that!

BTW, the concerns of animal rights activists are overblown here -- I can't think of a quieter, less populated area for these fish to be than in Marlins stadium on game day.

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  1. samson = douche

  2. I like the humor in your last paragraph!

  3. The Marlins ownership and management are asshats. Boycott the team South Florida. They already ripped of the community, insulted the community, and now can't go into the pockets for a measly 40k. F. that noise.

  4. 11:58 am:

    The Marlins didn't rip off the community. The city fathers in power at the time gave the city away so they could keep the Marlins. What they did in saddling the city with untold millions of dollars of debt for nothing, was nothing short of criminal. Why do you think Braman had the mayor recalled?

    The one you can blame is "pinga" Pinellas who started the entire fiasco during a previous administration.

    Oh yeah - Samson is a putz. The way he hums and haws on Dan LeBetard's afternoon show when asked pointed questions about the Marlins, is painful to listen to.

    Did I mention that Samson is a putz?

  5. The Marlins threatened to leave the community if the County and City didn't bend over. Come on man. Then the Marlins put out a crappy product for years. Marlins, local government and Samson pigs, idiots and a dipshit. Another example of the fraud that our local history is built on. I say Good Day to you sirs.

  6. Samson is a smug and pompous arse. Local political naivete notwithstanding, they shouldn't be surprised at his "screw the community" attitude.
    No season tickets for me until Samson is gone.


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