Down the Garvin Hole!

If it's Tuesday, that means the Herald's most prolific writer -- our Twain, our Mencken, our Ed Anger -- must contractually bloviate opiniate on something of interest to somebody still mad at Norman Lear for cancelling Phyllis. 

"Go suck an egg!"  (why did that not catch on??)

In any event, I have decided to take Garvin's column today and convert it to a classic, Al Krieger-style cross in which Garvin will ask a perfectly-phrased leading question and I will have no choice but to answer "yes":
Micky Arison is greedy, correct?

I suppose.

He chased those street vendors away so he can sell overpriced crap in the Arena?

Sure sounds like it.

The Marlins are also greedy, correct?

Umm, well....

Dave Samson crowed about how pathetic and lazy our politicians and voters are, right?

Well, for the most part I happen to agree with him on that.

Samson also said the Marlins might move to San Antonio or Vegas but he didn't really mean it?

Welcome to business, Glenn.

It's wrong that he's telling the truth now, right?

It's wrong you believed him then.

Samson's stepfather owns the Marlins and got him his job?

Welcome to business, Glenn.

I'm the greatest columnist the Herald has, next to Cal Thomas?

You've just asked one question too many.


  1. To watch the best, take a look at this:

    Roy Black live!!! Should be some CLEs in this.

  2. Despite Cloris Leachman's Golden Globe, when I was 4 I thought Phyllis was unwatchable. I eventually began using the the thirty minutes between Rhoda and All in the Family to etch-a-sketch.

  3. good good stuff SFL

  4. who is roy black?

  5. Krieger's cross was the bomb!!


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