A Few Good Men.

This shouldn't have been necessary, as every lawyer deserves to be paid for their good work, but perhaps that is what makes the sacrifice especially noteworthy:
An internal squabble between the lawyer representing Eric Brody and his former employer is behind the sudden decision to scrap all fees.

“By declining all fees it will make sure that Eric doesn’t have to pay $1 million to a bunch of rich lawyers that never did anything” on the case, said Lance Block, Brody’s attorney. Block said his former employer, West Palm Beach law firm of Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley, hired a lobbyist to try and collect part of the $10.75 million payment.
The dispute over fees is recounted in more detail here.

In other news, the Florida Supremes have approved the House redistricting plan and rejected the Senate map.

Very interesting 200+ page opinion from Justice Pariente (with cool embedded color maps!).

Remember to retain these judges!