Hey Man, Is This Real?

I sure hope so:
The Honorable Jonathan Goodman, United States Magistrate Judge, will address the must-hear-this topic: "Rock & Roll Music in Judicial Opinions"
Coming on the heels of Judge Gold's excellent mindfulness and wellness presentation, I must ask the obvious question:  just what the hail is going on over at the FBA?

I'm just wild about saffron....

As you know we have been closely documenting Judge Goodman's rock-and-roll (and country!) references, as well as the elaborate (some would say byzantine) 300-word citation system he employs to simply name-check a Petty song.

All kidding aside, this one is a winner -- the presentation is on April 11 and you can grok all the groovy details here.

(Quite right slick!)


  1. Let's suggest song titles for future orders!

    "It's Raining Men"

  2. Satisfaction by the stones

  3. Keith Urban is not country

  4. Dude, the Lewis tein recussal motion....comeonman!

  5. I'd like to suggest a Taylor Swift song but I'll probably be stoned to death if I did.

  6. these boots were made for walking.


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