Loan Me Fifty Dollars (So I Can Have a Brooklyn Bagel)!

This story represents a near perfect storm of what I love about South Florida.

Let us count the ways:

(1)  A lawsuit;
(2)  Over alleged "Brooklyn water" bagels;
(3)  Involving Bob Zarco; and
(4)  Larry King.

Let's start with the "Brooklyn bagel" concept:
Since launching its flagship restaurant in Delray Beach in August 2009, The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. has expanded to 14 other locations in three states. With the slogan "It's all about the water," the company touts on its website how a 14-step "proprietary water treatment" system allows it to replicate the water that flows from upstate New York reservoirs to Brooklyn faucets without having to be filtered.

Let's assume the company's claims are true and there is some magical way to recreate New York tap water.


Get over it -- listen, you haven't lived in New York for more than 30 years, Namath no longer plays for the Jets, and buying a bagel at a strip mall in Boca will just never be the same as picking up a bagel and schmear at Zabar's like you used to when you were fourteen.

Deal with it.

Have you ever considered your mythical attraction to New York bagels and pizza reflects more of a yearning for your lost, innocent youth then it does some objective measure of which tap water ingredient indisputably makes for the best bagel?

Just go to Bagel Bar East or Deli Lane, complain like everyone else,  and be content you wake up every day happy, healthy and hungry.

Then there's this:
Former CNN talk show host Larry King signed on to be a company spokesman and do franchise development in Southern California.

This isn't a red flag?

Finally, there is this:
"The water filtration system is not unique and does not render water equivalent to Brooklyn water," said Robert Zarco, an attorney representing Andrew Greenbaum, who bought franchise rights for the restaurant in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. "You want Brooklyn water, go to Brooklyn. You want a Brooklyn bagel, go to Brooklyn."

Read more here:
No kidding, Bob!

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  1. Namath no longer plays for the Jets ???????

  2. The bagels at the place are really good -- for South Florida bagels.

  3. Ask most 50+ year olds in NY (and Florida) who was the greatest quarterback to ever wear a NY uniform and the majority will answer Joe Namath. It is a reflection of our celebrity centric sports culture that began to crest in 1968. Namath was an average to above average QB who threw way too many interceptions. He had three great games in his career. The Heidi spectacle, the 1968 AFL championship against Oakland, and the Super Bowl against the Colts, where his play was really not a big factor. But in NY at the time, cavorting with known gamblers, owning a night club (the answer to that trivia question is Bachelor's III), and being a playboy in the age of, well, Playboy, while running afoul of Pete Rozelle, was enought to secure a place in most fans' hearts. Put him up there with Ali, Pete Maravich, Taxi Driver, Lenny Bruce, and Hunter Thompson, in the pantheon of cultural iconoclasts who defined the era. Much better QB's like Manning and Simms have worn NY jerseys but not captured the imagination of Gotham the way Broadway Joe did. So, SFL, the answer to your rhetorical question is an emphatic YES, he still does play for the Jets and always will.

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