This One's For You, Judge Ramirez!

I've received countless emails and notes from practitioners this morning genuinely upset to see blogger and "millennium" jurist Judge Ramirez departing from the 3d DCA bench.

But he won't be far -- he's helping to launch a Miami office of the big-shot mediation outfit JAMS:
"Basically, I decided I would leave on my own terms and my own schedule," he said. "I got a very nice offer from JAMS," short for Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services.

Founded in 1979, JAMS bills itself as the world's largest alternative dispute resolution service. It has 280 full-time "neutrals," primarily retired judges and attorneys, and 195 employees. The Irvine, California-based firm handles about 10,000 cases a year at its various locations. Last year it formed JAMS International to handle cross-border disputes.

JAMS announced last month that it would be opening a Miami office this spring. The branch will be on the 26th floor at 600 Brickell Ave. Its offices will include 10 conference rooms.
On behalf of your many friends, colleagues and admirers, thank you for your years of dedicated (and superior) public service.

Now you get to sit in a room and watch lawyers yell at each other!


  1. His treatise, Florida Civil Procedure, published originally in the 90's, is an excellent resource.

  2. I had an argument before him around a year ago - he is a real pleasure to be in front of...sorry to see him go. Should be a very effective mediator, although I do enjoy Goderich.

  3. I also had an argument before him last year. He was on top of the issues involved in my case, and seemed to be engaged in all of the appeals heard that morning. I real pro. I also like his blog.

    I will use him in commercial cases when I have the chance, provided his rates are not off the charts.

  4. Who says judges don't read blogs? We do, especially when they say nice things about us. The author of this blog, and the three anonymous comments, are too kind. It really has been a pleasure to make a contribution to the development of the law of the State of Florida. I never thought I would be doing that when I left Cuba at the age of fifteen. Thanks for the memories.
    Juan Ramirez

  5. Judge Ramierz helped organize our upcoming Circuit Court Boot Camp (for new or newer attorneys) with several judges and practitioners on May 17th. He has been terrific and an incredible person to work with!


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