3d DCA Watch -- Welcome to BIB!

The short-sleeved robes are out at the bunker, heralding the cyclical change in bunker seasons typically running from mid April until late this year when the mechanical closet/gym is transformed into the swanky, ultra-chic BIB (aka Bunker Ice Bar).

For those who have never been, BIB is an invitation-only, must-see sensory experience -- the ice sculpture of Judge Schwartz is reason enough to find a way in past the velvet ropes concrete doors, not to mention the famous BIB house cocktail, a heady concoction served in a gavel glass molded from clear ice and known simply as the "Apodictic Doppelganger."

Hmm, I'm seeing double already.....


E&H Cruises v. Baker:

Venetian Salami, peoples!

Valesquez v. South Florida Federal Credit Union:

Judge Salter holds his nose and but otherwise affirms how a credit union "aggressively" went after the repossession of a couple's boat.

Deutsche Bank v. Cagigas:

How many times have we gone over the Kozel factors, trial judges?

Sheesh -- make the express findings before you dismiss a case as a sanction.

It's the least you could do (plus it's the law).


  1. How do you come up with this stuff? LOL

  2. I see that pic and all I think is hard nipples, small penis.

  3. This is hilarious.

  4. How many times have we gone over the Kozel factors, trial judges?

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