Corporate Run, Rabbit, Run!

Do you want to know what your boss looks like in compression shorts?

Are you dying to learn whether senior executive sweat pools in the upper or lower back?

If so join me and 22,000 other fitness-minded professionals as we create massive gridlock, kill all productivity across the city, run around downtown in a giant circle, and finish by entering something called "the chute." 

(I assume that's a euphemism?)

Like all of you I have my standard pre-race rituals -- the Gin Gibson water bottle (to induce the burpees), the full bikini wax (to increase speed), the autographed photo iron-on tee shirt of the entire cast of Carter Country (for inspiration, 'natch!).

"Handle it, Roy, handle it!"

Have fun kids, and see you at the whole-wheat bolognese tent!


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