Gaze Upon Your 3d DCA Applicants!

Not to get all Captain-ey, but here's a list of people who want to imbibe the bunker juice:
Honorable Antonio Arzola
Andrew Scott Berman, Esq.
Jonathan D. Colan, Esq.
Honorable Jorge E. Cueto
Esther  E. Galicia, Esq.
Sergio Garcia-Pages, Esq.
Honorable Darrin P. Gayles
John A. Greco, Esq.
Honorable Milton Hirsch
Judith M. Korchin, Esq.
Susan Scrivani Lerner, Esq.
Thomas W. Logue, Esq.
Madelyn Simon Lozano, Esq.
Charles Mays, Esq.
Honorable Jose M. Rodriguez
Eduardo I. Sanchez, Esq.
Honorable George Alexander Sarduy
Edwin A. Scales, III, Esq.
Ann M. St. Peter-Griffith, Esq.
Steven E. Stark, Esq.
Hey, not a bad list! 

For some reason this song just popped into my head (where's Judge Goodman when you need him?):


  1. I don't think Garvin was saying they are bad. What he was saying is bad is that Obama is popular because of his use of the robot killers.

    "Much was made at the symposium of the figurative inhumanity of handing war over to machines. But it seems to me war, in some ways, might be more humane if fought by robots. Untainted by human emotions, robot soldiers wouldn’t rape thousands of German women the way Russian soldiers did as they advanced on Berlin at the end of World War II, or deliberately massacre scores of civilians in revenge for heavy casualties as U.S. troops infamously did at My Lai during the Vietnam war. Panelists at the symposium wondered if robots would really be able to tell a farmer’s hoe or hunting rifle from a soldier’s AK-47 before firing at somebody in a combat zone, ignoring the fact that human troops have trouble doing so right now."

  2. Drone War = Bad.

  3. Is Ann M. St. Peter-Griffith, Esq from Quahog, Rhode Island?

  4. wow - i thought i was harsh

  5. uh, can someone please tell judith korchin to stop applying for everything and to save paper..

  6. nice to see you posting music more regularly

  7. cueto needs to become a better circuit judge before asking for an upgrade

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Mays? seriously? remember the city of miami fire fee fiasco?

  10. Ed Sanchez, the Golden Warrior.

  11. At least Andrew Hague isnt on the list...

  12. nice to see you posting music more regularly

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