Glenn Squared -- The Apocalypse is Officially Here.

What does it mean when the ideologically separated-at-birth brothers Glenn -- Garvin and Greenwald -- both agree that our government's inhuman drone war is, well, inhumane and spinning out of control?

Maybe that third-way consensus business Thomas Friedman is always prattling on about has some merit?

"I'm sorry Dave.  I'm afraid I can't do that."

In other news, Rumpy and Random Pixels report that somebody tweeted something.

What am I missing -- if it wasn't about the trial, where's the harm?

BTW, I just had the pleasure of seeing Square Grouper, Rakantur's riotous look at Miami's drug culture in the late 70s-early 80s.

Brings back those burned-out-Porsche memories....

PS -- lots of good stuff in there (some of it negative) about Judge King's lengthy sentencing of Robert Platshorn of the Black Tuna Gang.

C'mon kids -- what else is happening?


  1. I'm always nervous when SFL is running low on material. It means that he may either: 1) accidentally stumble on to one of my cases (happened twice before, very embarrassing); or 2) push more Spencer Aronfeld on us. Come on people, give the man something to write about.

  2. I also saw Square Grouper this weekend on Showtime. I found it to be as entertaining as Cocaine Cowboys and the revelations about Judge King were quite interesting. Highly recommend you DVR it.

  3. quick, someone call judge brown!

  4. Let's restore America to greatness with more illegal wars and drone killing! Also, tax cuts to the very rich are GREAT for the deficit, because it worked so well before!

    Romney 2012!!!


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