Hunger Games

The Intrepid One hits her investigative reporting stride on lunch.

And as usual, she nails it. She found powerful people lunching here. (La Loggia is, like, so 2011.)

This is a must-read, chock full of useful information.

Alexandra Bach Lagos, president of the Miami chapter of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers shares this: "I usually get a salad with brie and turkey. I try to stick to the salads. But the guys at my office love the pizza."


Jim Miller says "I'm always there by noon." And then he really opens up: "I listen to the specials carefully," said Miller. "The pizzas are great but I usually don't eat pizza for lunch cause it's kind of messy."

Which I guess means all the guys at SH & B are messy after lunch.

When Edith Osman is not eating cottage cheese at her desk, she dines at Fratelli because "It's not a fancy place."

I'll say. They don't even have a valet, and Judge Moreno walks there!

You see what I mean about this piece?

I can't remember the last time I ate cottage cheese. Its not really cheese.

All this culinary talk has made me saucy. Alas, Rumpole's reference tipped the scale to the movie version instead of Cocker live. After all, it is Friday.

N.B. On what Julie apparently regards as a less newsworthy note, the federal JNC today is interviewing the cabal of mostly state court judges who applied for the vacant federal district court seat. Good luck to all!


  1. RIP Zalman King

  2. For those of us lucky enough to have our offices east of SE 2nd Ave., Fratelli Milano, Puntino, and, especially Il Gabbiano have been gems for years. While I understand that La Loggia was the first good restaurant to open in the shittier neighborhood housing the state courthouses, Museum Tower, etc., that area has seen a few nice places open recently. I particularly like the Greek Place down by Wallgreens on Flagler. Not to knock La Loggia--they have a fine chicken parm and it's my understanding that certain lazy circuit judges hang out there for long lunches.

  3. Say what you want about Mickey but he is Miami through and through.

  4. obviously you mean Judge Jose Rodriquez. He was a nothing when he practiced. Peobably never tried a case. He sits outsice with Mercedes and others and smokes his Cuban cigars on our time. What the heck, let him enjoy life and oogle the pretty ladies who pass by on the sidewalk.

  5. where is SFL? This sucks!

  6. go back to the criminal law state court blog. this may be a little above your head.

  7. Judge Jose Rodriquez was my father's best friend and lawyer mentor!


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