Magistrate Judge Goodman Practice Tip #214: Don't Email Me Your Views on Proposed Orders!

 It was always my understanding that the email address provided for the submission of proposed orders in federal Court was to be used strictly to (1) delight the Judge with your cute kitten pictures; (2) share highly partisan derogatory quips about President Obama (they're so funny!); and (3) involve the Judge in ponderous email chains that require the recipient to forward long-discredited urban rumors to ten "friends" or else face doom and gloom and the death of the aforesaid cute kitten.

Oh yeah -- and also to let the Judge know you substantively object to a proposed order.

But Magistrate Judge Goodman apparently thinks otherwise:
Counsel of Record may submit proposed orders on motions, where required by a rule or procedure of the Court, to the Court's e-file inbox. However, counsel may not email the Court for any other reason. For example, counsel may not send an email response to the submission of a proposed order. If a party objects to a motion, then the only appropriate procedure is to file a formal , written objection with the Clerk of Court.
Sheesh, come on folks -- you're not in state court anymore!

(BTW, is it just me or is the Judge being deliberately vague as to cute kitten pictures?)

I think so......



  1. Which lawyer sent the email?

  2. I can post urgent stuff on politics, law, and medicine all day and hear only crickets in response.

    But post a picture of a cute cat and they come out of the woodwork with adulation!

    Show that pussy!

  3. Very odd: The same order also prohibits a named party, who is proceeding pro se, from proposing any orders at all:
    "3. Debjit Rudra, who is proceeding pro se, may not file any proposed orders with the Court." That paragraph is not confined to use of the email address. What gives? One party is prohibited from proposing orders, while all other parties may do so. Due process?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. "Not in state court" meaning? Meaning that we don't have lawyers that charge millions of bucks for a car accident case? Meaning that we don't have pedantic judges who think they're so cool that they can give lectures on rock and roll? Some how we just don't see Judge Cowart giving speech on rap.

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