Marty Steinberg is "Highly Coveted"!

And Bilzin's got him:
"There was intense competition, Literally every firm in town was trying to get him," he said. "He is clearly one of the top commercial trial lawyers in the country. He does litigation for Fortune 100 companies all over the country."
There's also this potential business about a mandatory management retirement policy:
Numerous sources said Steinberg was not pleased with Hunton's mandatory retirement policy for firm leaders, which bars managers older than 65.

Steinberg denied that's why he left Hunton, saying the firm waived the policy for him. However, the firm named a co-managing partner in Miami last year, Juan Enjamio.
Hmm, I understand the impulse but that sort of prophylactic rule has a Wild in the Streets/Logan's Run feel to it.

(Oh hail, let's just go there):

65 is the new 35, baby!

Congrats on the move, Marty.

So who steps in to as the go-to litigation macher at Hunton?


  1. That rate is old.

  2. Bilzin has been bleeding litigation partners for years.

  3. step down, all around

  4. 65 is not the new 35. It may be the new 45.

    I just hope my new liver comes with a timer so I can tell how long I have before my next scotch.


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