Stormy Monday (Again).

Greenberg Traurig oy!
The dismissal of Greenberg from nearly all things Rothstein is the talk of the cocktail circuit in South Florida's legal community.
Hey, at least they're finally discussing something law-related.

In other news, there is this:
A new survey found that Fortune 1,000 corporations are significantly less likely to arbitrate contract disputes today than they were in 1997.  In the 1997 study, 85% of companies reported using arbitration in commercial contract disputes at least once during the prior three years.  In 2011, however, only 60 percent of companies so reported.  In contrast, the companies’ usage of mediation remained steady at around 80%.
 The most common reasons given by survey respondents (general counsel and senior corporate lawyers) for not using arbitration included: the difficulty of appeal, the perception that arbitrators tend to compromise, the concern that arbitrators may not follow the law, a lack of confidence in neutrals, and high costs of arbitration.
Can someone let the Supremes know?


  1. We don't need courts or arbitrators.

    There is only one way to settle differences. Nude mud wrestling.

    Winner take all!

  2. Only wussies invoke arbitration clauses. Real litigators (snicker snicker) go to court.

  3. Godwhacker's comments always make me laugh.


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