3d DCA Watch -- Are You Ready for the Summer?

Yes kids, the bunker-bods are back!

By that I mean the Resplendently Robed Ones are nearly summer-ready, after grueling hours toiling in the mechanical room/gym, performing isometric exercises by attempting to remove sinks and toilets bolted to the bunker walls, and of course shot put, lots and lots of shot put.


1.  "The chicks at FIU call that 'bunker-butt!'"

2.   "Now THAT's what I call Venetian Salami!"

One more?

3.   "All those in favor of reversal please signify by a show of....well, just signify."

So let's get out of the Resplendently Buffed Ones way and move right on to this week's meager civil offerings (hey, you can't develop both your pecs and precedent at the same time):

Portales v. ABC:

Practitioners' note -- if you want to object to a procedure on appeal, you should probably object to the procedure below.

Now let's hit the beach!


  1. My entry:

    "Five tight asses an en banc panel makes."

    BTW, funniest post in a while. Thanks.

  2. Ditto. Great stuff SFL!

  3. Who wears the pants in this bunker?

  4. Do you think Leslie will mind that we borrowed her balls?

  5. Isn't that the Scientologists waiting the return of Xenu?


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