Code Red Code Red -- App Does Away with "Briefcase," "Office" and "Lawyer"!

Where's Brian Tannebaum when you need him:
They started with an iPad app, LegalFile, which is already on the market. “It’s essentially a virtual office to enable lawyers to practice without absorbing the cost of a secretary or a filing clerk,” said Kuznetsova, the 24-year-old president and CEO of Miami-based Esenem, the parent company of LegalFileIt. “This app replaces a traditional briefcase. It’s your calendar keeper and it provides startup forms in all different areas of law.” 
If you don't need a secretary, filing clerk, briefcase, or office, maybe you don't need an attorney either:
There are plenty of lawyers out there who are willing to represent you if you find yourself either being sued or having to sue someone. But do you really need a lawyer?

Gary Zeidwig doesn’t think so, at least not all the time. Zeidwig, an award-winning lawyer, reveals that there are some cases where an individual can move forward pro se, (for oneself) that is, advocating without an attorney and defending or fighting for their rights on their own behalf, and that it’s not only acceptable but relatively safe to do so.
But who needs to buy a whole book to learn you don't need a lawyer?

There's probably an app for that.

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  1. Wow - I can replace my whole office with a $99.99 app? Better give my staff their two weeks notice. In all seriousness though there are some good iPad apps out there. This free Florida Rules one I just downloaded actually looks pretty promising. Won't replace my staff though.

  2. "Mr. Zeidwig is a recognized civil litigator and an award winning criminal defense attorney."

    What award(s)?

    "Contact Gary Zeidwig’s Fort Lauderdale law firm at 954.523.3993 for a free consultation with Gary Zeidwig to learn more about when it’s safe to proceed without a lawyer."

    When is it ever safe to advise that a client does not need a lawyer?

  3. Why would Tanneturd care? He loves apps.

  4. The more I research this guy the more I love him:

    From GZ:

    "he 10 Biggest Mistakes People Who Are Arrested Make.

    2. Not hiring an experienced criminal attorney. Criminal law has become very complex and specialized in this day and age. As an attorney highly experienced in criminal defense I am able to
    recognize and detect weaknesses in the State's case and know how to argue them successfully in your defense. Issues regarding admissibility of technical evidence such as breath test results, blood test results, and standardized field sobriety exercises can be successfully recognized and litigated in court by an experienced attorney."

  5. russian chick is hot. . . i'll give her some staff. btw, she's 24 never had a secretary, never worked in an office. . . perfect


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