Ho Hum. So Cincinnati Reds Pitcher Aroldis Chapman Allegedly Turned Cuban Informant to Throw Someone in Cuban Prison.

Cincinnati Red Aroldis Chapman will have plenty to talk about when he comes to Marlins Stadium -- this new suit before Judge Altonaga that accuses him of collaborating with the Cuban government to put the plaintiff in a Cuban jail, where he has been badly mistreated and even tortured.

Here's the opening paragraph:
Plaintiff CURBELO GARCIA is a Cuban citizen, who is serving a 10-year prison sentence in Cuba, under inhumane conditions, for a crime he did not commit because of Defendants’ false denunciation to officials from the repressive Cuban Departamento de Seguridad del Estado, Departament of Security of the State, (herein after “DCSE”) and because of the false testimony Defendants presented against Plaintiff at a sham trial, which followed no rules of evidence or due process, and which was deliberately skewed against Plaintiff. Plaintiff’s treatment in prison is cruel, degrading, unsanitary, and tortuous.
Ok, that sounds kinda bad.

Chapman's agent had no comment (the guy's busy, what with Chapman's recent arrest and now this).


  1. He and Ozzy need to get together.

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