The Rise of the Russomanno (Part III)


President Elect - Mary Leslie Smith
Vice President - Herman J. Russomanno, III
Secretary - Jason M. Murray
Treasurer - Jeffrey A. Rynor 

Group I:    Eric P. Hockman
Group II:   Monica F. Rossbach, Adam J. Shapiro
Group III:  Stephanie L. Carman, Katie S. Phang
Group IV:  Robert B. Boyers, Steven E. Eisenberg
Group V:    Jerome J. Kavulich, Glenn B. Kritzer
The results have arrived via raven from Westeros, and once again a mighty Russomanno is in the leadership mix -- all is well with the world.

Congrats to the new officers and directors!

(Sheesh, somebody send me some tips.)


  1. How many little Hermans are there?

  2. none of them can try a case.

  3. Not everyone handles traffic tickets.

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