Sean Kingston Sued By Miami Landlord!

Hi there dear timewasters, did you survive the weekend?

Avoid the naked flesh-eating MacArthur causeway zombies?

(Then you did better than than some former 1300+ attorney law firms.)

Question -- do you know who Miami-born Sean Kingston is?

Well, according to his landlord, Kingston skipped out on his $25k a month Miami mansion, leading to what is known in our business as a "lawsuit":
But according to a new lawsuit, filed in Miami, Sean and his mother -- who was also living in the house -- left behind a trail of destruction ... broken landscaping lights, sprinkler heads, holes in the wall, and broken railing around the waterfront dock.

The landlord claims Sean and his mother caused $21,397 in damages to the property -- but that's just the tip of the iceberg ... because when they suddenly left the house in October, they allegedly breached the rental agreement by taking off before the lease was up.
Wonder who the hip-hop star will hire to handle the defense?

(BTW, his "Beautiful Girls" video has been viewed more than 72 million times!)


  1. Off-topic: Obama seems to have zeroed in on his legacy of due process for suspected terrorists:


  2. That will earn him the tough-on-terrorism vote!


    Most interesting is defining all military-age men in target zone as "militants" -- wonder what will happen when other countries follow our lead?

  3. That's what has the military brass worried. I think they're right to be concerned.

  4. You'd skip out too if all of your money went to paying off medical bills after you ran into a bridge on a jet ski.

    Dude also had only one hit sooooo maybe the royalties are trickling to a stop. Being friends with the Beebs and tooling around in fancy cars doesn't pay the bills.


  6. So torture advocate swlip is now concerned that other countries may follow our pattern of rights violations?!

    Why color me so surprised! Where was this douche in 2006? Open up swlip, it's just a little water.

  7. Godwhacker: You refused to answer my request to define "torture," years ago. Your comments about torture are therefore irrelevant.

    I do find it hilarious that people who screamed bloody murder, at the tops of their lungs, at allegations that Bush was commanding a "domestic surveillance program" - spying on people without FISA warrants - and who wanted KSM tried in a civilian court, don't bat an eye at Obama's drone program.

  8. swlip, on that we agree -- though my bet is GW is indeed batting at eye at Obama's continuation and expansion of these policies.

  9. swlip, you ignorant little puta, I will happily define torture for you, although I'm sure your wife could do a much better job. (hint) Mints help after cunnilingus with the $20 hookers.

    As for Obama getting a pass from the left, you obviously pay no attention to Glenn Greenwald, Michael Moore or many others of us who don't look at the world through partisan eyes.

    That said, in every way that Obama is bad, Mittens promises to be worse.

    I can't wait for the debates. They will be as lopsided as ours.

  10. Please, define torture.

    Oh, you didn't?

    I win.

    And Mitt will dribble OBambi like a basketball.

    Oops, sorry. Was that racist? My bad.

  11. Torture is the reason Dick Cheney and George Bush avoid overseas vacations. Torture is sadism, posing as patriotism. Torture is effective in screenplays, but pointless in reality. Torture is the act of inflicting severe pain (whether physical or psychological) as a means of punishment, revenge, forcing information or a confession, or simply as an act of cruelty.

    You can play your sad little games of symantics, but torture is as easy to define as it is subhuman. And that's exactly how I look at you swlip. Another member of a sad group of throwback to an age of barbarism and mindless vindictiveness.


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