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Let's get to it kids -- it's almost Friday!

In my brain this morning:

This is how sausage legislation gets made in Tally:
The media must shine a light on the fact that within days of passage of the bill State Farm and United Automobile Insurance Company made $100,000 contributions to the governor’s “Let’s Get to Work” PAC.
But you can't prove they are related -- nanny nanny boo boo!

GrayRob's Steve Zelkowitz can smell a moldy mildewed rat in Hogan Lovell's efforts to get out of their lease:

Oops, wrong image:

Steve Zelkowitz, a real estate attorney with GrayRobinson in Miami, said he would not be surprised if Hogan was using the accident as leverage to exit its lease and move to newer and possibly cheaper space.

"It doesn't surprise me that in a market where we have a lot of new product that is available and probably for a better price, that given the opportunity to attempt to break a lease they would do it," said 

Zelkowitz, who is not involved in the Hogan matter. "Typically when there are lower vacancy rates and you don't have as much product, I wouldn't expect this to happen."

He sees economic rather than physical issues dominating the decisions.

"I'm sure the building can get rid of the mold and make the building inhabitable," Zelkowitz said. "I presume there was a large sum of money spent on tenant improvements. I think this is more a matter of economics rather than it being uninhabitable."
Guess we'll know one way or another depending on how the rest of the tenants are doing.

Lawyers behaving badly?
Sepe allegedly had the help of three attorneys, including Aventura-based Ronny Halperin, a former CEO and director of HydroGenetics, who collectively reaped more than $3.5 million in illegal profits, according to the SEC’s suits, filed in federal court in Miami.

“Sepe, Halperin and others chose to ignore the laws governing stock sales and play by their own set of rules,” said Eric I. Bustillo, director of the SEC’s Miami office. “Some of these individuals were attorneys and corporate officers who should have known better.”
Finally, there is also this.

Scott Baena, David Young, and many others are in the Holy Land right now.

Happy Israel Independence Day!
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  1. Wish I was able to get out of my lease then hop on a plane to Israel.

  2. best photo on the blog!

  3. Makes me proud to be a Jew

  4. "Slutwalk" is being held in Jerusalem either this week or next. For those of you who don't know what "slutwalk" is and why it takes on added significance in Israel......look it up.

  5. 1:34, you mean the Jerry "Hardly Working" photo?

    Thanks -- me too.

  6. Great post, but next time go with the Beatles butcher shot!

  7. I can imagine the heat in Israel is pretty scorching. Whew.

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