Chow vs. Chau -- Who's the Prevailing Party?

 As the hand-pulled noodle turns, so does the legal wrangling in the aftermath of the Michael Chow/Philippe Chow trial still pending before Judge Hoeveler.

Now the parties are arguing over who was the "prevailing party" for purposes of assessing fees and costs, a not-insubstantial issue in a case that has dragged on rather pointlessly and for years.

Here is Philippe Chow's lawyer Anthony Accetta trying to set the record straight that his clients actually prevailed on most issues:
The undersigned realizes that this Court has read all of the parties Motions and conducted the over Four Week Trial. However, because of the complex nature of the case and the fact that the Plaintiffs continuously try to ignore all of the parties that sued and were sued in this case and the central issues that were won by the Defendants at great expense. The undersigned is going to break down each claim and each party one by one to hopefully stop the Plaintiffs from playing the “smoke screen tactic” of litigation that has cost the Defendants Millions of Dollars in expenses and has almost put them out of business.
Oy veh -- good luck with that!


  1. CBM is a genius.

  2. Got to Love the Random allcap pleading Generator.

  3. How is litigation a "smoke screen tactic"?

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