Four Kings?

Wow that was a great Heat game DCBA installation dinner on Saturday:
Trial lawyer Garrett Biondo is the incoming president of the Dade County Bar Association. He’s also a Miami Heat season-ticket holder who refuses to miss a big game.

But when it comes to Saturday’s Game 7 — arguably the biggest home affair in Heat history — he can’t be both.

At the same time the Heat and Celtics decide the Eastern Conference championship Saturday, Biondo will be about a mile south for his swearing in — at the Bar association’s black-tie gala, held at the Mandarin Oriental.

Think he’s disappointed? Imagine the 300 or so others in attendance who aren’t being recognized at the event. 
What grit, what determination -- Russomanno shoots, she scores!

Actually, congrats to the new officers at DCBA -- see you all in Oklahoma, USA:

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  1. Was anyone there?

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