Last Call - Are You The Best Closer in Miami?

How did I miss this?

The confidence that comes with turning 40 (and perhaps the money and power, as Tony says) may put you in contention to be The Best Closer in Miami. The irony is, however, that 40 also brings the paunchy middle, hair loss, and testosterone deficiency that renders you suited to close one thing, if you're still trying at 40 to be the Best Closer in Miami: your bar tab in a bad place. So those of us over 40 should act our age and take every opportunity to mentor the younger generation and allow them to benefit from our mistakes.

Legal Services of Greater Miami knows this.

Which is why this great organization through its GenNext initiative will hold its First Annual Legal Eagle Closing Competition June 30. You may access the announcement here, but it reads:

"The competition, spearheaded by retired Judge
David Gersten
and Jane Muir, is open to all attorneys under 40
practicing in the 11th Circuit and admitted to The Florida Bar for
less than seven years. All proceeds from the event will benefit LSGMI.

“This competition is the ‘great equalizer,’” said Gersten. “Big firms,
little firms, or solo practitioners have the opportunity to show what they’ve got, strut their stuff, and prove who is the best closer in the county.

The University of Miami School of Law will host the one-day competition,
which will be judged by panels of sitting judges and private practitioners.
Young lawyers who compete will receive facts and materials 48 hours before
the competition begins, and learn which side they will take on the morning
of the competition. After the final round, a perpetual trophy contributed by
Bilzin Sumberg will be presented to the winner at a victory celebration and
networking reception for judges, competitors, and supporters.

To register, click here.
For more information, contact Muir at (305) 665-8088."

This is an absolutely great idea and great event for a great cause. The Miami legal community should ensure that it becomes a well attended competition that fosters the great tradition that is Miami Trial Lawyers. If you try cases anywhere outside of Miami, even in the deep south, you know that our trial lawyers are second to none. Whether civil or criminal, plaintiff or defense, prosecutor or defense attorney, we shine. I believe this is because we try more cases, our adversaries are talented, and our judges by and large love to try cases and to have talented trial lawyers appear before them.

Boy, am I manic today. I miss my anger.

N.B. So cool, South Florida Lawyers will have their very own much-coveted "Stanley Cup," which I am sure will come with appropriate safety protocols to avoid the perpetual trophy winding up in the wrong hands or in a hot tub somewhere.


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    Hilarious scene. Pacino can hardly keep a straight face when "Manny" is babbling on. Really great acting.

    At least he didn't bite the woman after she slapped him.

  2. I hacked David's email and here's some of what I found:

    1) A receipt from ITunes "ABBA's greatest hits" for $13.95.

    2) A monthly renewal for World of War Craft.

    3) An email to the US court of appeals, part of which reads "....[s]o as I understand it there is no prohibition on me having a part of the court's opinion, in which I am referred to as "an elite defense attorney" cast into bronze?

    4) An electronic subscription to the magazine Model Trains;

    5) A portion of an Amicus Brief entitled "Just Say No To prosecutorial misconduct"

    6) A receipt for discontinued merchandise from the Florida Panthers, including, somewhat disturbingly, a goalie's mask.

  3. Godwhacker: you have to admit: Steven Bauer was sofuckinghot in that movie, no?


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