Monday Morning Digital Dump.

 Let's get right to it kids, it's going to be a busy morning.

1.  Ha ha Ricky Arriola used to be a Republican -- it sez so right here:
The 43-year-old former Steel, Hector & Davis lawyer and son of former Miami City Manager Joe Arriola changed his party affiliation when Obama ran for president. Ricky Arriola met Obama when he was an Illinois state senator and Arriola had business in Chicago. They stayed in touch.
How did that happen -- the kid got rich and wildly successful and THEN turned Democrat?

2.  Judging from this lawyer's copious use of colored font, I'm thinking he is either Rumpole or just a very colorful person -- either way he is a Foreclosure Destroyer:

3.  David reports on Judge Turnoff pulling no punches -- gotta love Judge T!

4.  Of course Gloria Allred is now connected somehow to the Causeway Cannibal (h/t Random Pixels).

And how was YOUR weekend?


  1. I've been called a lot of things, but a foreclosure lawyer? Really? Ouch.

  2. The audio that automatically plays is very strange, good points, but weird.

  3. Joe Arriola is a scum bag.

  4. I became a Democrat because I became disgusted with the Republican party. Simple as that.

    Ricky Arriola


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