Practicing Law Makes You Fat?

That's what this study says:
Around 44 percent of workers say they’ve put on pounds at their current job, with 26 percent saying they’ve gained more than 10 pounds, per the report.

Certain jobs, however, had a higher frequency of workers who reported gaining weight. Often those jobs are sedentary or particularly high-stress.

The jobs where people are most likely to gain weight include: travel agent, attorney, social worker, teacher, doctor and public relations professional. 
Hmm, I tend to disagree.

However, I would need to review the study in more detail, but I haven't the time -- at 10:30 my cafecito arrives (extra sugar of course!), then we are celebrating a birthday in the kitchen after lunch (I promised myself only one piece of cake!), then of course it's on to happy hour (come on, it's Friday!).

Don't forget on Monday the staff always brings in leftovers from the weekend (who can turn down a beautiful roast pork?).


  1. Hopefully Angry Gurl from Rump's blog will chime in.

  2. too busy pigging out!

  3. Guy Lewis talked about Guy Lewis.

  4. fat bottom girls you make the rocking world go 'round!

  5. It's not the job it's those 4 martini lunches, + what really goes on in the judges chambers.

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