"Ruiz Law Centre" in Foreclosure?

And Rudy Aragon is on the hunt:
A Miami office building controlled by John H. Ruiz, an attorney with his own TV program, is facing foreclosure over a $10.7 million mortgage.

First Citizens Bank & Trust Co.  (NASDAQ: FCNCA) filed the foreclosure lawsuit on June 8 against 5040 Corp., which lists Ruiz as its president. His law offices and his La Ley TV operations are based in the 104,307-square-foot building at 5040 N.W. 7th Street. The nine-story building was completed in 1986. The foreclosure action also targets a neighboring 18,731-square-foot parking lot.

The building is named the Ruiz Law Centre.
First off, I had totally forgotten that Rudy was now at White & Case.

Secondly, I'm sure this is a misunderstanding.

It's just $10.7 million, give the guy a break!


  1. What dowe want? Loan forgiveness.

    When do we want it? Soon would be nice.

  2. Before you could see a faint outline of the flamingo and now with "Guest Blogger" sprawled across it's totally covered up...but the banner is still pretty cool.

  3. As anyone from Hollywood or Broadway can tell you, it's all about billing. The Flamingo will be back as soon as SFL is done drinking Scotch whiskey all night long!

  4. Right now I'm drinking your big black cow, and getting out of here.....

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