School's Out -- Now What?

I know, we had it easy, just getting up in the morning, sending the kids out, talking to them some when you get home from work.

But now you might have them hanging around for extended periods, possibly even requiring interaction and exposure to other intimate moments that may interfere with important Heat pre-game rituals.

What's a parent to do?

Of course -- summer camp, the bestest way to simulate the routine of school when school is actually not in session.

We all know it's enriching -- that's why kids love going so much!

Anyways, Gloria Allred speaks out against cannibalism:
“In addition, Yovonka and I are very concerned about the issue of cannibalism and the number of cases that are being reported in other states and countries, such as Alabama, Canada, Maryland, Japan and Sweden,” Allred said.
A brave position, certainly, but where's the rebuttal?  What lawyer plans to challenge Ms. Allred on her provocative statement?

Unfortunately Magistrate Judge Brown retired before he finished his toe-tappin' life's work (it's on appeal), which means Judge Martinez now has to do it.

Oh yeah (yawn), Scott Rothstein is back, doing what Scott Rothstein always does.

Finally, you already knew this, but Rick Scott's a bully.

(BTW, is that not the best movie intro ever?)

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  1. He's a bully because he refused a senator's request to investigate the judges and instead directed him (rightfully) to the FDLE?

  2. He's a partisan goon.

  3. The intro to Summer School is Awesome too!!!

  4. thank god for gloria allred. when was the last time she was in court. probably never tried a case not even a dui. what a ****


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