Sublime Friday

It's really beautiful outside, isn't it? Work is slow, I have no money, but I can't help feeling like I have it all.

Which is a funny feeling when I compare it to the plight - or flight - of Guma, who apparently had it all, but will soon have nothing. I keep thinking: the lawyers are going to blow through his 100 million so fast no one will know what him them, his wife will have a rapid fall like the Kimster, and their four kids are the ones who will suffer. (BTW...that Downtown Julie Brown is prone to hyperbole, isn't she?)

Speaking of soccer, Italia!!!!

South Florida Lawyers knows his tomatoes. Sugar IS essential for a fragrant, flavorful tomatoe. Green tomatoes taste better than red ones.

And well, it turns out this blog is out in front - the Herald copied the subject of our post from a week ago.

N.B.: Enjoy today.


  1. Happy Friday, SFL!

  2. Heneini here I am. Enjoy the day folks!

  3. I thought the herald copied me.

  4. Rumpole - you cowardly, narcissistic, irrelevant, charlatan:

    It does not surprise that you would claim authorship - or that you would share your thought in that regard. (I checked after reading your comment - you even copied the title from this blog. have you no shame, Sir?!)

    Do yourself a favor, big guy: you stick to what you know best: anonymously kicking other lawyers when you perceive them to be down, you coward, and posting about the meaningless world of county court.

    Leave it to others to be positive, courageous, professional, insightful and relevant.

    You lose. Your 2 minutes are up. "No page ese ticket!" - Rumpole

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