Summer is Officially Here!

That's because my mishpucha Spencer has declared it so:

A few notes:

1.  I've said this before, but try to get the names and details of the people you are introducing before introducing them.

(Seriously, it's nice to see Spence hiring and promoting local law clerks -- welcome to the profession.)

2.  Awesome shirt/tie/suit combo -- be gone dark colors, this is Florida in the summertime!

3.  What else did I miss?


  1. he is such a putz

  2. Heat is alive with the arrogant Sara Soto, now with Bressler, Amery & Ross. Sara Soto will defame and talk crap about anyone, especially those she does not know. She is an overweight nightmare and all should beware of this carzy, scorned woman. The lawyers at Bressler should watch out and be careful - she will soon start talking crap about them each.


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