3d DCA Watch and Then Some. And The Miccosukees.

Turns out even Raul Cantero can't win 'em all. See? Score one for Bilzin. And Judge Schwartz? Mellowing with age, he is not. From his concurring opinion:

"In essence, therefore, everything in the circuitous legal journey which followed was an exercise in superflousness and futility." Cuidado.

Speaking of school, school's out forever, at Rise Academy.

Otherwise, PCA, PCA, PCA, and PCA. That takes care of that. Off to enjoy the rest of the week of the Fourth, I guess.

I guess this also qualifies for the 3d DCA watch.

The Then Some

DOM already posted about this but being a typical criminal lawyer, he shot from the hip and didn't use technology to its fullest and post the video. So here you go.

Judge Carnes really knocked it out of the park. I love what amounts to his opening line: "It all started with a phone call."

Anyhoo, as you know way back in June we posted about the great event to support Legal Services of Greater Miami which also fosters the great tradition of South Florida Trial attorneys. You can read the post here. Today, Rumpole did a nice job mopping up and reporting regarding the finalists. It seemed appropriate to leave this task to Rumpole as the finalists were dominated by state court criminal lawyers.

The Miccosukee keep on making news! I think Magic City Casino should hire Lewis Tein. Seriously.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Nice post, but with Carnes and Goodman ripping on music and pop cultural references, dropping in hyperlinks etc., maybe we're all bloggers now?

  2. Time to shut down the blog???

  3. Why so little info on your blog about Lewis/Tein? It is disgusting and despicable that Tein is a former Assistant United States Attorney and Lewis is the former US Attorney. It's amazing that these 2 show their faces anywhere! They should hire that good-looking former US Atty (Sloman) who was always on tv to represent them. He appeared to be a charismatic, straight-forward guy. Something those 2 scumbags would know nothing about.

  4. Seriously? Hire LT? Why?


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